Friday, 8 August 2008

Back down memory Lane

When I was growing up, my dad used to take me to Tottenham at least once a season and we used to go to away games in the Midlands which were only an hour or two away. As I got older I was playing football every weekend so didn’t go to the Lane for about twenty years, except for a Screen Sport Washing-Up Liquid Data Matrix Super Duper Cup semi-final 1st Leg against Everton in 1986. Then on the 13th March, 2004 I went back. I was banging on about it for weeks before hand and was like a dog with two dicks the day of the game. I went with the Jones Boys, Bill and Phil and my cousins husband Glynn from Presteigne. It’s about a six hour journey one way from my house but boy is it worth it. Walking from the car to the ground has a wonderful feeling – you’re full of anticipation, excitement and you end up giggling at just about anything, the way guys do that women just don’t get. I can remember seeing the cockerel on the High Road and the turtle heading starting. After a couple of hours shopping in the numerous club shops and a few beers it was game time. Walking into the ground and seeing the field of dreams takes your breath away. It looks so perfect. The stadium looks brilliant and the pitch is like the proverbial bowling green – "if you can’t play on that boys you can’t play on anything." How many times I heard that over the years – the thing is, it’s bloody perfect for the opposition as well. The most notable change over the years is the big screen presentations before the game which are handy for showing the team news but on the downside they stop the build-up of the crowd. The announcer only shuts up ten seconds before kick-off. so there’s no time for the crowd to get singing and getting all hyped up. Anyway, we won 1-0 thanks to a Liam O'Brien own goal, in off his nose probably. But the best thing was that Phil and Glynn got to meet their idol – Chirpy. Ah, happy days.

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