Friday, 24 September 2010

Steve Perryman t-shirts for Sale

This is my hero Steve Perryman, a Tottenham man through and through. Apart from being a sexy beast, he is a Spurs record holder, having made 854 first team appearances for the club.

If Stevie's not your man (what!) feel free to email me with requests.

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Friday, 13 August 2010

I'm Back - Just like O-Hara

As wioth most fans, I'm a bit anxious that we haven't signed anyone. At least we won't have City's problem of bedding players in! Perhaps we'll get a quality signing or two if we get back Young Boys.

We'll see, anyway COYS.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Woeful at Wigan

I went to the Wigan game yesterday and have to say I was amazed at how poor we are. This is the first time I've seen them live this year and I can't believe some of the basic things we got wrong. We played with no width at all and so when the full-backs had the ball they had no-one to pass to. We basically came and played for a draw, and nearly got it. If Dawson was still on the pitch I'm sure we would have held on.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Gently Bently

Just read that David Bentley was crowdsurfed at a Kings of Leon concert during Christmas week at the bands gig at Wembley Arena.
"Everybody was going mental at the gig, but nobody could quite believe it when we started passing David Bentley over our heads," said a witness.
"It's not unusual for people to crowd surf but I've never seen a Premier League footballer doing it.
"He could have injured himself easily, but didn't seemed to care. Everybody was cheering and spraying beer over him. He loved it.
"When the gig finished he was just standing in the road with his wet shirt in his hand. He didn't look like an England star - in his hat, shirt off, stinking of beer."
I've seen him a few times this year where he's looked nothing like an England footballer - but at lesast then he hasn't stunk of anything, least not, sweat.

I'm back

I'm back - like Michael Dawson.

Friday, 31 October 2008

Should have played your girls Cesc

Is it really almost a week since all the Tottenham jokes dried up - how time flies. It's been a whirlwind of activity that has seen our state of mind go from despair to optomism quicker than you can say "hurry up 'Arry". Fair play to Levy for biting the bullet and making the changes. Since ol 'Arry has come in the atmosphere has skyrocketed. A well deserved win against Bolton almost inevitable in the circumstances and then the draw against the Arse was just sensational. With a bit of momentum behind us and then Cesc Fibreglass stoking the fire with his claims that Arsenal Ladies could probably draw with us, we absolutely whollowed in the glory of Wednesday's great escape. Even when we were 4-2 down I felt okay about us - I didn't think we were going to score two goals but I was happy that we seemed to be a stronger unit now, with a bit of fight. Huddlestone made a couple of powder-poof attempts at a tackle late on, but even Jenas was running around getting stuck in. his goal was brilliant, only overshadowed by Bentley's wonder strike. Ah, happy days. Has there ever been a team bottom of the table enjoying themselves like us? The way we celebrated after the game was great, dancing with the fans and looking like a team that had turned a corner.

Friday, 24 October 2008

There's only one Keano

I know I’ve been posting recently that Ramos should stay and that he’ll straighten things out soon. After the last two games I’ve got to change my mind. He seems lost and doesn’t appear to have any answer for the predicament we’re in. We don’t look like we’re improving, so the excuses about new players, doesn’t wash. We don’t have any leadership on or off the pitch. Levy’s pride will no doubt stand in the way of getting rid of Ramos and there’s no chance that he’ll walk so my guess is we’re stuck and the only ones who can get us out of it are the players. But who of those Lillywhite Wonders is going to take the bull by the horns and rescue us? Answers on a postcard to J. Ramos at WHL, N17. If Ramos was to get the elbow, what about Roy Keane as his replacement? A Boyhood Spurs fan (and we know how Irish Keane’s love to join their favourite teams), Keane has all the fighting spirit we need at this time. He seems a class act and earned huge respect for his results as a manager and the way he has conducted himself.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sitting Bulls are Standing

At last, something to smile about. The perennial underdogs, Hereford beat Carlisle last night and moved off the bottom of League One. As with Spurs, it all comes from confidence. Hereford got dicked by four at Oldham last week but have now kept two clean sheets at Brighton and at home to a Carlisle team who nearly made the Championship last term. Graham Turner said after last night’s game that he could see the confidence returning to the players. If Spurs could keep a clean sheet or two you only need to snatch the odd goal and things start to tick. Sounds easy, dunnit? I see that Dawson might get a couple of games added to his three game ban for the manner in which he questioned the refs decision – Newcastle didn’t exactly take Baye’s red card against City with the grace of God, but it looks like he might get his card rescinded. It’s a funny old game – how we could do with the inventor of that quote at the Lane. I watched Man U last night and Berbatov is starting to look like the player we used to love. However, he wouldn’t have scored them two goals last night for us, because they’d have been given offside!! And finally, no one seems to have mentioned the fact that Darren Bent has scored more league goals this season than Robbie Keane and Berbatov put together.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Going potty

Well there's no denying it now, we are officially in the shit. In the current financial climate they say that the height of optomism is a banker who irons five shirts on a Sunday. The same could be said of Spurs fans planning next years trip to Anfield and Old Trafford. At the moment, we look like we are doomed and that relegation is the only outcome. How do we turn things around though? Sacking Ramos can't be the answer. He looks lost at moment and although I don't see him as a "role your sleeves up" type, what could we gain from getting him on his bike. Commolli has to go whatever happens - can everyone see it except Levy. That's another thing, Levy has had 6 managers since he took over and the most successful of them was Jol who only got te job by default. Players for the rest of the season need to stand up and be counted. I thought Modric was better than most and Lennon did okay on occasions. When we were playing well in the first half (remember that?) Zakora and Jenas played okay but when we were up against it JJ was nowhere to be found. And why does he keep taking the free kicks? He scored at Old Trafford a few years ago but I can't remember another. Our problems in the back have intensified with the suspensions of Bale and Dawson and the injuries to Corluka and possibly Gomes. Will Ramos play Ledley at Udinese or save him for the must win game against Bolton. My guess is he'll need the passport and a pasta bowl. One thing that will be interesting is the Bale suspension. When John Terry wrestled his was to a red card he had it rescinded despite having no intention of playing the ball. Bale made a genuine attempt to get the ball, and will no doubt be punished fully for doing so. They say things go against you when you're down the bottom, I think we're already seeing that. Both reds couyld have been yellows or reds, it was sods law that they were the latter. I can't wait for the Bolton game now because every game is now vital. I think we need to put the seat belt on because we're just starting one hell of a bumpy ride.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

We need a leader

So the old horse cart called Tottenham keeps rolling uncontrollably down hill with a big shitty pond waiting at the bottom. We need someone to jump on and grab hold of the reins, but at the moment I can't see anyone trying to. In the scheme of things, the performance against Hull was a lot better, but however you look at it, we're bottom and have just been beaten by Hull. They're only the third biggest sports team in Hull, yet they've raided London for the second time in a week with a swag bag of six points. Their win against Arsenal was a bolt out of the blue which surprised everyone, but sadly, the win against Spurs was on the cards. We do a prediction league in work and apart from one girl, everyone had Hull down for an away win - including me. I know we're not supposed to quote Gary Glitter nowadays but how I would love one of the Spurs players to stand up and shout, "I'm the leader of the gang, I am". We know that guy isn't Jenas and Ledley is too far removed at the moment. It's enough for him to concentrate on fitness without the added burden of carrying a team back from the brink of hell. I'm a bit surprised that Woodgate hasn't stepped up to the plate in that respect. I rate him highly but I'm a bit concerned buy his new trick of holding back the opponent's goalie when he's tacking a kick - picking up cheap bookings which might rule him out of some big games down the line. It's not all doom and gloom though - I heard today that the last time we had this bad a start, 96 years ago, Arsenal got relegated.

Friday, 3 October 2008

C'Mon Eddie Cochran

Rock 'n roll legend Eddie Cochran would have been 70 today. The problem is the poor sod was killed in a car crash at the age of 21. The orginator of C'Mon Everybody, Somethin' Else and Summertime Blues to name just three, he was years ahead of his time and will never be forgotten. If Eddie would have been a Tottenham player, he'd have been Jimmy Greaves.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Worse than our socks

When the camera focused on Wendy and Gus at the dying stages of the Pompey game today, I was reminded of Dads Army’s Corporal Jones giving it the “don’t panic, don’t panic”. At what stage do we start to panic though? What I find the most worrying is that after about a dozen league and cup games, Ramos seems to have no idea what his preferred line-up is. After watching the last couple of games I know what my preferred line-up is, but I don’t think Hoddle, Ardiles and Chivers are eligible.

Can anyone tell me why Lennon is on the left and Dos Santos is on the right. The worst thing that could have happened to us is Lennon creating a goal from the left in mid-week. He’ll be playing out of position there for months now. With Zakora having one of his better games why the hell did he get taken off when Jenas was having one of his many shitters. If poor passes and lost tackles were air miles, JJ would have more frequent flyer miles than Biggles. When goals are required should we really be replacing Pavlyuchenko with Bent, not trying them in tandom? What does Esso-Ekoko give us, apart from palpitations. The only positives I can think of are that Woodgate, Corluka and Dawson played well and the weather in Bont was overcast so it didn’t seem a waste sitting in the house watching tv. The Spurs crowd were fantastic, out-singing the Pompey faithful from start to finish. I thought it was funny when they were singing love songs to Defoe as he lined up for the penalty, and the stick they give Campbell is relentless. The next two league games bring us Hull and Stoke, both of whom will get amongst us and see what we’re made of. Is Spurs v Hull in the beginning of October really a six-pointer? If we lose those two games we will be up shit creek without a paddle, or a boat, and I don't want to alarm folks but I don't think anyone's bought a map. But, football being football, if we win them both – we’ll forget we ever had this conversation and we’ll start thinking about how to break into the big four.

Sky Sports are bigging it up how Ramos is under fire. Sure he’s making mistakes but for the club to truly move forward they have to get rid of Comolli. He’s the muppet who buys and sells. He’s the guy who sold Berbatov, Keane, Defoe and Malbranque, and he’s also the guy who saw something in Taraabt, Tanio and Kaboul.

With the risk our underestimating our problems, could it just be the socks? Has there ever been a good side who played in hooped socks?