Monday, 18 August 2008

Tell me why, I don't like Saturday's

Looking on the bright side, I see we moved up two places on Sunday! It was on the cards that we'd lose to Boro, we're always shit away from home. Why can't we ever start a season off with a cushy home game against Fulham or Wigan? What really cheeses me off about Saturday was the bench - I don't care that it was made of plastic not a more environmentally friendly wood, it was the people sat on it. If Berbatov is sub because of his attitude, just sell him and let's get on with it. Then there's Ledley King, if we're resting him at this stage of the season, God help us. We're not playing for a week, surely he could recover in that time. Sat next to Ledders is Gareth Bale. He probably would have been our player of the year last season if he hadn't picked up an injury, but now he can't get in in place of Esso-Ekotu or whatever he's called, who had a mare. Come on Oneday, get your best players on the park and let's win a few games before another season falls away before October. On top of the Tottenham debacle, there's Hereford who have played two and are yet to get a point. I knew this was going to be a struggle, I just wish we could have kept Wayne Brown - we would have picked up three points at Orient with him between the sticks. A bit early to panic but the alarm bells are being tested and the batteries are fine.

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