Monday, 29 December 2008

Gently Bently

Just read that David Bentley was crowdsurfed at a Kings of Leon concert during Christmas week at the bands gig at Wembley Arena.
"Everybody was going mental at the gig, but nobody could quite believe it when we started passing David Bentley over our heads," said a witness.
"It's not unusual for people to crowd surf but I've never seen a Premier League footballer doing it.
"He could have injured himself easily, but didn't seemed to care. Everybody was cheering and spraying beer over him. He loved it.
"When the gig finished he was just standing in the road with his wet shirt in his hand. He didn't look like an England star - in his hat, shirt off, stinking of beer."
I've seen him a few times this year where he's looked nothing like an England footballer - but at lesast then he hasn't stunk of anything, least not, sweat.

I'm back

I'm back - like Michael Dawson.