Sunday, 3 August 2008

Sepp Blatter for the LPGA

Less than a minute ago Annika Sörenstam played her last shot a professional golfer. You could have guessed it was going to be a birdie, as inevitable as the last one Jack Nicklaus made. Legends have this knack of doind sometime special at the right time. Neither of them were going to retire on a bogey. I always find it sad when legends retire, they leave a void which doesn't always get filled. Annika's probably got out at the right time because the scene is getting overrun by a bunch of Asian girls that are hungrier than 37 years old Annika possible could be at this time in her life. The sad thing is, all the Asian players look so boring, none f them have that long, elegant swing of Sörenstam. Mind you, in their defence, none of the men have got a swing quite like Annika. Off the courseshe has been the model pro and she was summed up nicely by some guy behind the green who shook her hand and said, "you've been a credit to the game" - amen to that, fella.

From a sexist view point, I'd like to see more of Paula Creamer (how aptly named she is). FIFA President Sepp Blatter once made the wonderful comment that women footballers should play in more revealing kits and be encouraged to pett heavily after scoring a goal. He was slated across the world. Unfairly I thought, because whilst it was the wrong thing for a man in his position to say, he was only saying what 99% of the male population was thinking. Well, I think he should get more involved in golf and start making some changes to the apparel of the LPGA. Miss Creamer looks divine in her little pink number, but have you seen the new gun, Ji Yai Shin - minger. I would hazard a guess that any money she makes will be through winnings not endoresments. See the photo above - that's not her! That is the way Sepp sees golfers - he's not all bad.

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