Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Let's Get Ready To Rumble

It's almost here, the season that has taken forever to come around, has finally come around - well, in a few days. Like the shop down the road doing a neat line in Betamax video players, we haven't sold anyone for ages - well since Kaboul went to Pompey two days ago. Do you think they should play the Pompey/Sunderland game at White Hart Lane, it'd make a tidy reunion for about a dozen players.

Personally I'm just waiting for the moody Bugger, sorry, Bulgarian, to join Fergie so we can have a bit of time to line up a replacement. Arshavin seems to have gone quite and Roman Pavlyuchenko could be deep in Georgia for all the news that move now generates. You know when you're Christmas shopping on the 24th and it's 5:25, you'll basically buy anything to tick the "it's the thought that counts" box? Well I just hope we don't go into that desperate mode and buy bloody Emile Heskey or Dirk Kuyyt. Anyway, three days to go and if we can continue the pre-season form we can bury the Boro, sign the next Gilzean and take it from there.

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