Tuesday, 22 July 2008

From Russia With Love

It's seems a bit ironic that for a team who hate the reds so much, Spurs are bidding for two Russians, Roman Pavlyuchenko and Andrei Arshavin. With Berbatov and Keane dead certs to go, Spurs are in danger of having their worst strike force since the golden (make that goalless) days of Colin Lee and Ian Moores. So while the chance of us landing the Ruskies is remote, we've got to have some false hopes to keep us going. Both would be around the £20 million mark, about the same as the two scabby turncoats from Sophia and Cork. Almost inevitably for a summer whose main event was held in Switzerland, these transfers revolve on timing. Teams can't buy until they sell, and can't sell unless they're guaranteed to buy, the vicious summer circle. Heard a funny thing the other day, whereby someone was saying about if surnames are named after jobs (eg. Shoemaker, Farmer, Blacksmith, etc), what the hell was Arshavin's dad doing.

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