Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Keano, there’s only 0 Keano’s

So Robbie Keane has kissed the badge of Spurs for the last time. A crowd favourite for six years, Keane has up and gone to a mass of cat-calls from the Tottenham faithful. Our fox-in-the-box has shot off like a rat-up-a-drainpipe. Personally I’m not sure you can blame him. If your boyhood team wants to sign you what would you do? I know that if I was playing for Liverpool and Spurs bid for me I’d be off like a shot. They’re in the Champions League as well and offered him more money but I honestly don’t think that had much to do with it. He should make a dream pairing with Torres and personally I wish him all the best. From the Spurs point of view it’s a good deal. We bought him for £7 million, had his six best years and then flogged him, aged 28, for £20m. So long as we sign the new Pele we’ll be okay. For what it’s worth, I’ve gotta say, Keane looks shit in red.

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