Saturday, 19 July 2008

Was it all in vain Payne?

I was watching the Open yesterday and noticed Paul Casey wearing an unusual sweater. No big deal, but it struck me then that so many golfers look the same nowadays, and the sad thing is it's not that good a look. What happened to flat caps and plus fours? It's all baseball caps with Titleist or Nike splashed across the front. Some guys in the wet on Thursday were even wearing bobble hats on top of their baseball cap but perched back just enough for the caps advertising to be seen. No wonder some of them shot such shit scores, they were too worried their Nike emblem was showing properly. Wouldn't it be heartening to see a player wearing an "I Love New York" cap or a little "Kiss Me Quick" number. It's refreshing that Ian Poulter tries to look different but unfortunately he's chosen the ill-fated look of the 70's for his wardrobe recreation. The premature loss of Payne Stewart was sad in many ways, not least because he was the last bastian of the golf look of a forgotten era. He returned to the wonderful look of Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan. I seem to remember him adapting that old look with the colours of the local gridiron teams - I'm sure he did this for Miami Dolphins and Pittsburg Steelers. When I play on my Tiger Woods Xbox game I always dress myself in the Golden Age garb and I must say, I look a lot smarter than those scruffy oiks in their standard trousers, polo shirt, baseball cap (Nike or Titleist!) and raybans. Here's to Payne - rest in peace brother.

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