Tuesday, 7 October 2008

We need a leader

So the old horse cart called Tottenham keeps rolling uncontrollably down hill with a big shitty pond waiting at the bottom. We need someone to jump on and grab hold of the reins, but at the moment I can't see anyone trying to. In the scheme of things, the performance against Hull was a lot better, but however you look at it, we're bottom and have just been beaten by Hull. They're only the third biggest sports team in Hull, yet they've raided London for the second time in a week with a swag bag of six points. Their win against Arsenal was a bolt out of the blue which surprised everyone, but sadly, the win against Spurs was on the cards. We do a prediction league in work and apart from one girl, everyone had Hull down for an away win - including me. I know we're not supposed to quote Gary Glitter nowadays but how I would love one of the Spurs players to stand up and shout, "I'm the leader of the gang, I am". We know that guy isn't Jenas and Ledley is too far removed at the moment. It's enough for him to concentrate on fitness without the added burden of carrying a team back from the brink of hell. I'm a bit surprised that Woodgate hasn't stepped up to the plate in that respect. I rate him highly but I'm a bit concerned buy his new trick of holding back the opponent's goalie when he's tacking a kick - picking up cheap bookings which might rule him out of some big games down the line. It's not all doom and gloom though - I heard today that the last time we had this bad a start, 96 years ago, Arsenal got relegated.

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