Friday, 31 October 2008

Should have played your girls Cesc

Is it really almost a week since all the Tottenham jokes dried up - how time flies. It's been a whirlwind of activity that has seen our state of mind go from despair to optomism quicker than you can say "hurry up 'Arry". Fair play to Levy for biting the bullet and making the changes. Since ol 'Arry has come in the atmosphere has skyrocketed. A well deserved win against Bolton almost inevitable in the circumstances and then the draw against the Arse was just sensational. With a bit of momentum behind us and then Cesc Fibreglass stoking the fire with his claims that Arsenal Ladies could probably draw with us, we absolutely whollowed in the glory of Wednesday's great escape. Even when we were 4-2 down I felt okay about us - I didn't think we were going to score two goals but I was happy that we seemed to be a stronger unit now, with a bit of fight. Huddlestone made a couple of powder-poof attempts at a tackle late on, but even Jenas was running around getting stuck in. his goal was brilliant, only overshadowed by Bentley's wonder strike. Ah, happy days. Has there ever been a team bottom of the table enjoying themselves like us? The way we celebrated after the game was great, dancing with the fans and looking like a team that had turned a corner.

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