Monday, 20 October 2008

Going potty

Well there's no denying it now, we are officially in the shit. In the current financial climate they say that the height of optomism is a banker who irons five shirts on a Sunday. The same could be said of Spurs fans planning next years trip to Anfield and Old Trafford. At the moment, we look like we are doomed and that relegation is the only outcome. How do we turn things around though? Sacking Ramos can't be the answer. He looks lost at moment and although I don't see him as a "role your sleeves up" type, what could we gain from getting him on his bike. Commolli has to go whatever happens - can everyone see it except Levy. That's another thing, Levy has had 6 managers since he took over and the most successful of them was Jol who only got te job by default. Players for the rest of the season need to stand up and be counted. I thought Modric was better than most and Lennon did okay on occasions. When we were playing well in the first half (remember that?) Zakora and Jenas played okay but when we were up against it JJ was nowhere to be found. And why does he keep taking the free kicks? He scored at Old Trafford a few years ago but I can't remember another. Our problems in the back have intensified with the suspensions of Bale and Dawson and the injuries to Corluka and possibly Gomes. Will Ramos play Ledley at Udinese or save him for the must win game against Bolton. My guess is he'll need the passport and a pasta bowl. One thing that will be interesting is the Bale suspension. When John Terry wrestled his was to a red card he had it rescinded despite having no intention of playing the ball. Bale made a genuine attempt to get the ball, and will no doubt be punished fully for doing so. They say things go against you when you're down the bottom, I think we're already seeing that. Both reds couyld have been yellows or reds, it was sods law that they were the latter. I can't wait for the Bolton game now because every game is now vital. I think we need to put the seat belt on because we're just starting one hell of a bumpy ride.

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