Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Shocker Soccer

Having just endured the Newcastle game, all i could think was, thank god I haven't got Satanta. I know I'd have watched the Krakow and Villa games and wasted another four hours of my free time. The first half of tonight's game was probably the worst game I've ever seen, and I've seen Dolgellau play Tregaron! Tottenham were so padestrian I thought for a spell the Newcastle shirts were zebra crossings. Poor old Pavlyuchenko made so many runs to no avail he must wonder what the hell he's done by signing for us. I was so happy for him to get the goal. We looked much better when Dos Santos came on and injected a bit of pace and directness. Do you watch Strictly Come Dancing when the pros are on and make it look so easy and then the celebs have a go and they look like piss-heads on the floor at a wedding - well watchuing those two teams tonight was the latter. We are miles behind Arsenal and Chelsea. They're the Anton Dubeck and we're the John Sargeant. Surely the time is right to ditch Zakora who just isn't up to it. It's great to be joyous after a victory, hey. After conceding 10 in two games I'll bet Harry Redknapp can't believe his luck he's got us next. 0-0 anyone?

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